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Willow Elementary Student Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures

Parents and Guardians,
Thank you very much for being part of our “Willow Pack” and being a great example of following our HOWLS.

Help Others

Obey Rules

Work Hard

Listen and Learn

Show Safety

I spoke with you at Back to School Night about the safety of our students/your children being top priority and explained the student drop-off and pick-up procedure. Thank you for also making it your top priority as well. Thank you for Listening. The procedures are also found in our handbook, which is located on our website. We are still having a few issues therefore; I am writing this reminder flyer so that you can help me to Help Others to Work Hard to Obey theRules and Show Safety and we can be the strongest Pack ever so that no child is ever hurt!

Here are the procedures as written in the handbook with some additional thoughts and clarifications...

Parents who drive their child to Willow Elementary or pick them up are asked to help us with our school safety. Traffic flows through the parking lot in one direction only. Please pay attention to the sign that says enter and the one that says do not enter.

The yellow/green zone next to the curb is for dropping students off and picking students up. Pull into the loading and unloading lane between the yellow/green curb and the marked yellow line. Follow the arrows and drive forward directly behind the car in front of you. Please pull all the way to the front of the building to drop students off. This is where we have a crosswalk with a crossing guard. We do not want students dropped off on the side in the parking lot and cutting across parked cars or traffic as this is very dangerous. Please have students exit your vehicle on the passenger side only!! There may be a car passing you to pull forward and it is very dangerous if your student is exiting on the driver’s side and a car is passing! We want every student safe! Thank you.

There are signs posted in front of the school on Willow Street that say No Parking. They were put up last year due to parent concerns with some close calls. I really appreciate these parents reaching out and communicating with me! We were able to come up with a solution (it may not be popular), but it is much safer. Please do not park, drop off, or pickup students from there and have them cross the street through the bushes and visitor parking as this is very dangerous and could also result in a ticket. Parents who need to enter the building must park their vehicles in a visitor parking lot in the front of the building or to the south. Here is something that is also happening and it is scary...a few people are getting tired of waiting in line so, when they get around the loop and to the point of being able to take a short cut though the small parking lot right in front they are zooming through there and dropping students off in that parking lot. Please take a little more time to keep everyone safe. Here are a few tips to speed up the process...

  • Pay close attention to keep the line moving....stay off phones and keep watching forward

  • Keep moving and pulling forward

  • Leave the house/work in plenty of time

  • Kindergarten, daycare vans, everyone keep pulling all the way to the front -way up to where it curves just before the marquee

  • Have homework, after school details, I love yous, have a great days, hugs and kisses already done and backpacks/lunches in child’s hand ready to exit on the passenger side

  • I promise we will make sure that they have a great day!!

    We are a large school so, please know that even with these tips this may not be a fast process so, leave you house or work with ample time so, you are not in a hurry and tempted to do something unsafe. Please use crosswalks and do not allow children to dart across the parking lot between cars (even if their class is in a portable, they are to be dropped off in front.)Kindergarten parents please pull all the way forward. The kindergarten teachers are waiting with the students by the kindergarten doors, however there is not a crosswalk right there over to the front visitor parking ( only the one going straight out from the front doors)so, please walk to that crosswalk. We appreciate your help in making our school safe for our students and your children.

    While students are waiting to be picked up, we have asked them to stand out front and just to the left, not going past the safety fence so, they are seen or sit on the concrete benches in- between the pillars coming outside the front door. We do not want them running around on the grass, but watching for you. They can earn a HOWL ticket while waiting. We will also be doing “safety spotlight of the month” for a parent or guardian that is always showing safety. Mrs. Jones and Mr. Dunlavy are our morning crosswalk duty people this year and the afternoon duty is rotated by week with the other teachers. If you ever notice an issue with anything, please feel free to contact me.

The north parking lot is for staff and is the bus zone and is for buses only during drop off and pick up time. We currently have ten busses that take up the whole bus zone and north parking lot. There may be times when we have a school event or activity where we will put a sign out that will direct/allow you to park in the north/bus parking lot. We want to accommodate you as much as we can because we certainly want you to attend our activities and support our school as a part of our team. We will do this when the activity involves a lot of people and is within the hours of the school day that will not block the buses from entering and exiting. If it is an evening event, please feel free to park in either side parking lot. We ask that you use extreme caution driving during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal.

I think this pretty much covers everything. There has been an idea for a video possibly being made to show these procedures so, watch for that.

Thank You!You are the best!