Willow Elementary School

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Halloween is Right Around the Corner

Dear Parents and Students,

Each year there are multiple requests to allow students to wear costumes on Halloween. As was approved last year, we are allowing our students to come to school with a costume! Costumes are not required, but are approved for students who wish to participate on Thursday, October 31. 

We have some guidelines that we will be following considering the costumes:

  1. Wearing a costume is considered a privilege.
  2. All costumes should maintain the integrity of our school dress code.
  3. Avoid violent or bloody images. Scary is okay, but avoid gruesome.
  4. No mask or face paint can be worn.
  5. Hats are allowed as long as they don’t become a distraction.
  6. Costume accessories of any kind are not permitted. This includes: pacifiers, toys, weapons of any kind, pitchforks, brooms, etc.
  7. Costumes deemed offensive to individuals or groups will not be permitted.
  8. We will not disrupt classroom learning to deliver forgotten items to students, or allow students to call for costumes after school is in session.

If the costume is questionable, we ask that students not wear it or send a change of clothes in case they are asked to change.

Please remember that classroom parties are up to an hour of the school day towards the end of the day. We expect that our students come to school ready to learn ALL day long. Thank you.